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World Stand UP 4 Nature Day is launched!

On the 9th September I will be holding World Stand UP 4 Nature Day!

A male fledgling Glossy Black-Cockatoo called fledge who came in to his habitat on the 9th September 2020.

On September the 9th 2023 I am holding #WorldStandUP4NatureDay. This day was created to spread awareness of our Wild Places, the Guardians trying to protect them and to inspire more people around the world to “Stand UP 4 Nature”.

After watching the destruction of Lot 6 & now Lot 9 at Grasstree Court, Sunrise Beach our Community are very disappointed that our voices were not heard despite 84,000+ people signing my petition. We all feel very sad & wanted to mourn the loss of such a significant habitat to our wildlife, our local & our Global Community. I don’t like to see everyone sad & don’t want everyone to feel that it is not worth standing up for what you believe in. I also want people who have stood by my side to know that together we have made a difference. I think it is important that we never lose hope especially Kids like me. Our voices should be heard & we should be able to rely on the Adult Decision Makers to hand over to us, a healthy thriving planet.

After lots of talking & thinking, I came up with the idea of World Stand Up 4 Nature Day, so that everyone could join with us to mourn our loss & celebrate all of our wild places around the world that need protecting.

Our local community will be holding a Gathering at 1 Grasstree Court, Sunrise Beach on the 9th September 2023 at 2:30pm. Come and join us in the Wallum for Talks, Walks and more!

Please spread the word about this gathering to everyone you know.

I hope to see you on the 9th.

Thank-you so much

Love Spencer😃🍄🌳🐞🌏🦅🐛🌸🦘

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