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Help Save Sunrise Glossies.
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Hi. My name is Spencer and I love the Wallum along with all other types of ecosystems. I also love photography. With my photographs I hope to teach others about how important the environment is for us and the future of our planet that we call home. After you have learnt about the environment I hope you will then want to protect it.

I invite you to come on a journey with me throughout the year and do what I do… Observe, Learn & Protect - your local environment.
Spencer Hitchen (12years old) 

Spencer with his camera
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With their beautiful plumage, charismatic call and fussy eating habits the Glossy Black-Cockatoo (Vulnerable, EPBC Act 1999) is one of a kind. When you are out walking don’t confuse the Glossies with other Black-Cockatoos. Glossies are the smallest Black-Cockatoo while the Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo is the biggest. The Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo is bigger than the Glossies but smaller than the Yellow-tails. Male Glossies have full red tail panels and  brownish-black plumage. Females have yellow feathers on their heads which is unique to every female. They have Red to yellow tail panels with black barring throughout. Please report your sightings of Black-Cockatoos to us on "The Glossies" page.



Beautiful photographs of nature and local wildlife.

I have made a calendar that features the Wallum, a very important ecosystem to protect. The Wallum is under threat from many things including: destruction of habitat, poor drainage and increased fires.


The Wallum is in my backyard and I believe if we all protect and care for our local environment it will add up to saving the planet.


Support the Wallum and purchase a 2024 Calendar. 


At first sight the Wallum may look insignificant. When you get to see it properly and learn about it you will find out that the Wallum has more biodiversity than a Rainforest and is actually stunningly beautiful. Now more than ever we need to protect these wild places for the future of our planet.


That is what my calendar is all about and that is why I am trying to save the Wallum. After you have learnt about it too, I hope you will want to protect it as well. All of the Wallum ecosystems are threatened. All of the things that are threatening these ecosystems are caused by humans, so we have the responsibility to act to save these amazing biodiverse areas before it is too late. 

Photo of the Wallum

“Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference”

Dr Jane Goodall

Glossy flying above the wallum


84,287 have signed. 
Let’s get to 150,000!

Our community will mourn along with our Glossies if their habitat is destroyed by the Uniting Church. I believe Churches should be protecting our environment not destroying our environment, like profit driven developers. Please help us remind the Uniting Church they should be listening to their community & talking to our local Council to find a better solution.



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